This is the ASOC Student Government Elections Page. This election will approve or deny the current ASOC Constitution edits.    
We, the Associated Students of Olympic College, assume the privilege and responsibility of self-government in order to initiate and promote opportunities for students' involvement in matters of concern to the student body. We will equally, fairly, and justly represent the needs and best interests of the students with regard to personal, social, educational, and cultural orientation and development. We vow to further enhance student relations by positive participation and self-government. Our job is to effectively function in the most productive, responsible and cooperative atmosphere with the administration, college president, board of trustees, and the community at large. With these statements, we hereby ordain and establish this constitution and its by-laws.
Welcome to Student Election 2015
How it works
  1. ENTER your Student ID (SID) and global Pin (usually 6-digit birthdate in MMDDYY format). If your pin begins with a zero do not enter it. For example 06/24/95 would be entered as 62495. To vote, you must be registered for college credit classes this quarter.
  2. Once your identity is verified you will be presented with a list of candidates for each position and/or issues on which to vote. LOOK below to see candidate statements and position descriptions for this election. Candidate statements are also viewable on the voting page.
  3. CHECK the appropriate box to record your vote.
  4. After recording your vote, REVIEW the page summarizing your choices. At this time, you can permanently record your vote or make changes.
  5. When FINISHED voting, you may not change your vote or vote again.
As per college policy 300-01: Student Conduct Code, tampering with the election process can result in severe academic sanctions.

Contact Nic Shakley at (360) 475-7294 or with questions about the election process.

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