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DetailsItemCourse IDCourse TitleInstructor Days (?) TimeBranch Type (?) CreditsSeats Left
ACCT&201 Prin of Accounting I Snapp R ArrangedArrangedDistance LearningOnline56

ACCT&201 - Prin of Accounting I
Room/Location: Arranged (ARR)
Description: Accounting as an information system, the accounting cycle, accounting for a merchandising operation, cash, receivables, and inventories.
Additional details: Online - https://olympic.instructure.com/login (Canvas). http://richardsnapp.pageout.net
Class Fee: 40.00
Class Dates: 4/2/2018     End Date: 6/15/2018
Meets Distribution Requirements: Transferable, does not meet distribution (Note)
Class Limit: 70 students
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