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DetailsCourse IDCourse Title Days (?) TimeBranch Type (?) Credits
MATH 098 Integrated Intermediate Algebra for LibArts/HumArrangedArrangedBremertonWeb-Enhanced3 (8*)

MATH 098 - Integrated Intermediate Algebra for LibArts/Hum
IMATH001: (8-credit Integrated Course: MATH 098I, MATH& 107)
MATH&107: Topics relevant to Liberal Arts majors, including the following: Mathematical Models (Linear and Exponential) as tools for solving real-world problems. Probability as a tool for making informed decisions. Basic descriptive statistics as an introduction to statistical thinking. Consumer Mathematics (loans, annuities, etc.) as a life skill.
MATH 098: Only offered as part of an IMATH course (formerly Math 98I). Algebraic expressions, rational and negative exponents. Radical and rational expressions and equations, linear and quadratic equations, graphs and application.

IMATH001: MATH 094 with a grade of 2.0 or above within the last 2 years or satisfactory placement test score.
MATH&107:Prerequisite : MATH 099 or MATH 098 within the last 6 years with a grade of 2.0 or above, satisfactory placement test score, or co-enrollment in MATH 098.
MATH 098: MATH 094 with a grade of 2.0 or above within the last 2 years or satisfactory placement test score

Additional details: Web Enhanced -. Learning Community
Class Dates: 9/21/2020     End Date: 12/17/2020
Department Note: Math instructors strictly enforce math course prerequisites. Students satisfy course prerequisites by means of an assessment taken at OC within the last two years OR an appropriate grade  in the prerequisite course. Refer to the course description for details; time limits may apply to the prerequisite course.

Students who took prerequisites for math courses from other colleges or who wish to place by AP or CLEP scores should submit a Request for SEM Prerequisite Clearance well before registration as outlined here:

Students who wish to use Accuplacer or Compass assessments from other colleges (scores must be no more than two years old) should submit scores to the OC Testing Center for placement recommendation.

Please be advised that some sections of Mathematics courses will require web-access to complete assignments.  See course syllabus for specifics.
Meets Distribution Requirements:
IMATH001: Will not transfer
MATH&107: Natural Sciences
MATH 098: Will not transfer
This class automatically enrolls you in the following class(es)-
Course IDCourse TitleDaysTimeLocationCreditsFee
IMATH001Integrated Int Alg/Math in Society (8 credits)Daily2:00 PM - 3:20 PM08-149 00.00
MATH&107Math in SocietyArrangedArranged08-149 50.00
MATH 098Integrated Intermediate Algebra for LibArts/HumArrangedArranged08-149 30.00
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