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DetailsItemCourse IDCourse TitleInstructor Days (?) TimeBranch Type (?) CreditsSeats Left
GEN-S101   Adamson L
Goodman C
Farley S
10:00 AM - 12:50 PM
BremertonWeb-Enhanced1 (12*)Waitlist (0)

GEN-S101 -
Room/Location: HSS 122 (Humanities and Student Services Building)
This class automatically enrolls you in the following class(es)-
Course IDCourse TitleDaysTimeLocationCreditsFee
GEN-S105ArrangedArrangedHSS 122 20.00
LEARN017Daily10:00 AM - 12:50 PMHSS 122 00.00
CIS 150Survey of ComputingArrangedArrangedHSS 122 40.00
ENGL 098Reading/Writing for Academic SuccessArrangedArrangedHSS 122 50.00
GEN-S101ArrangedArrangedHSS 122 10.00

GEN-S105: Identify useful learning strategies; improve academic skills and self-awareness; recognize the role of diversity; define educational/career goals.
LEARN017: Learning Community (12-Credits: ENGL 098; GEN-S 101, 104; CIS 150) Make the Best of Change: In this 12-credit team-taught learning community you will improve reading, writing, computer, and problem solving skills while gaining confidence in your ability to succeed. Assignments focus on personal and academic reading/writing as well as strategies for learning. Explore career options, campus resources, and college culture in a supportive, collaborative environment.
CIS 150: Learn basic concepts of word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, Internet, operating systems, and hardware using Internet and Computing Core Certification standards.
ENGL 098: This course develops students' critical strategies for reading, writing, problem solving, and handling academic life. Reading/writing assignments focus on personal academic/career interests.
GEN-S101: Newly entering students develop an understanding of their role as students, identify campus resources, identify learning options, and develop an academic plan.

LEARN017: Assessment test score, 2.0 in ENGL 091/092 or instructor permission.
ENGL 098: Assessment test score, 2.0 in ENGL 091/092 or instructor permission.

Additional details: Web Enhanced -. LEARNING COMMUNITY: ENGL 091, CIS 150, GEN-S 105.
Class Fee: 0.00 (0.00 total*)
Class Dates: 9/23/2013     End Date: 12/11/2013
Meets Distribution Requirements:
GEN-S105: Transfer Restricted
CIS 150: Transfer Restricted
ENGL 098: Will not transfer
GEN-S101: Transfer Restricted
Class Limit: 25 students
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