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Housing Preference

**Homestay and Campus Resident Hall application form will be sent to you upon admission to the college. A Housing Application fee $150 (U.S.) will be required to apply for the program.

Important Health Insurance Requirement
All international students are required to carry an adequate medical insurance coverage during their enrollment period at Olympic College. Health insurance will be automatically added to their registration records upon arriving on campus. Students are required to pay for summer coverage in advance in spring quarter even if they are not taking summer class(es), to avoid interruption of coverage. To Request a waiver from OC contracted insurance, students must obtain an approval from Office of International Education prior to a quarter start date by submitting a copy of the selected insurance coverage information in English with an equivalent or more coverage than our insurance provides.

Statement of Financial Responsibility
Olympic College requires certification of adequate financial support from applicants. This statement and a current original bank statement MUST be on file with Olympic College before admission will be considered. The "original" letter with an official signature on "bank letter head" must verify a current balance with a minimum of $19,200 USD and whether the account is in good standing. A student must be prepared to pay tuition, medical insurance, and fees by the first day of each quarter or by the August deadline for fall quarter, or at the time of registration as stated by the college policies.
I, affirm that: The specified sources of my funds and the amount in U.S. dollars to be paid are provided by:

For family funds/U.S. sponsor: Affidavit of Support and current official bank statement are required.
For personal funds:Current official bank statement is required.
For Scholarship: Letter of sponsoring agency is required.

Please send these documents by email: International@olympic.edu, fax: 360-473-2856, or by postal mail:
Office of International Education
Olympic College
1600 Chester Avenue
Bremerton, WA 98337-1699

Amount: (U.S. Dollars)
Name of paying person/company:
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I hereby certify that the information I have provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge and that I will have available for my personal and academic expenses, the full amount reported above. I understand the tuition and expenses presented (Please type your name as your signature).
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