Form Submission

Opportunity Grant Application Form

Full Name:
Birth Date:
Washington Resident:
   --If yes, how Long?
Student ID#:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Household monthly income:
Source of income:
If you are claiming zero income, how do you support your yourself:
Check if you are receiving:

Household size, including yourself:
List names, ages & relationships of those living in your home:
High school Graduate?
Have you applied for
financial aid (FAFSA)?
What program degree or
certificate are you pursing?
What is your transportation to Olympic College?
What is your back up plan?
What is your childcare plan?
What is your back up plan?
Do you need assistance paying for Child Care?
What is your housing situation?
Have you received Opportunity Grant funding
at any other Washington State College?
   --If so, what college?
Is Olympic College your first college experience?
   --If no, list the College Name(s), Attendance Date(s), and Degree(s) or Certificate(s):
The funds available through the Opportunity Grant are highly competitive. Please read the following questions carefully and answer completely. If you need assistant or have concerns please contact the grant office.
What type of employment are you working towards?
Why have you chosen this education/employment pathway? What makes you excited about your future employment possibilities? Tell us about your goals; where do you see yourself working
Think about school, work, and family responsibilities. What does it take for you to be successful in college with the pressures of life and these responsibilities?
What challenges and barriers have you faced in college?
How have you overcome these challenges?
What or who is your support system as you attend college? Where or who do you turn to for help and support?
Write a brief essay to describe why you need this grant; 75—200 words or more.
Affidavit of Truth Statement: The information provided on this form is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and true.